Best Italian Sandwich Shop in New Braunfels
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Diner Review • Feb 19, 2013
Chicken Caprese - If you haven't tried them, go today! My favorite is the Chicken Caprese Panini with an Italian Ice of course! The sandwiches are made fresh and the only problem you'll have is choosing one.
Great food and friendly service!!
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Diner Review • Feb 19, 2013
Chicken Caprese - Marco Polo is AMAZING!!! The Chicken Caprese is delicious and all the food is fresh. Must also try the Italian Ice. On top of all that the owners are the nicest people you will ever meet. I met them the first time I went and have gone back just to talk to them and enjoy a wonderful lunch.
So good!
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Diner Review • Jan 29, 2013
I took my young son here for lunch last week, and they were so accommodating to his very specific sandwich request. I ordered the chicken caprese panini for myself and it was delicious! Can' t wait to go back!

The Best sandwiches and paninis in town!
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Diner Review • Jan 27, 2013
My family and I eat at Marco Polo's just about every single week since we discovered them! As a member of MONB I first found out about Marco Polo's from there and every week my son begs us to go there for lunch! We love ever sandwich we have tried and they have the most amazing Italian Ice!! My husband's favorite is their Philly cheesesteak sub and I don't have a favorite yet because I'm still trying each sandwich and panini they have!

Great place
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Diner Review • Jan 24, 2013
Turkey panini and Philly cheese steak. - I had the turkey panini w/ roasted red peppers and cheese. Sooo good. My bf had the phillie cheese steak hoagie. Can't believe how fast he devoured that sandwich. Everything was fresh and sandwiches were made to order. Next vist I will be trying the Italian ice. Restaurant was cute and quaint. I'm so glad I made the trip over.

Best Sandwiches in New Braunfels
Diner Review • Jan 23, 2013
Marco and Marie make the best Paninis and Hoagies in town. Period. My favorite is the Classico with the pesto aiolli. Fresh ingredients and a wonderful husband and wife team make a simple sandwich something more. I love the food and the people here.
Absolutely Fabulous
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Diner Review • Aug 27, 2012
Paninis/Hoagies/Italian Ice - This restaurant is absolutely fabulous! The sandwiches are just wonderful! They have the perfect panini's and outstanding hoagies. The "chicken caprese" panini is a definite favorite with the "classic italian" hoagie next in line! Actually everything I have had here is off -the-charts! I only wish that they were open 24 hours a day! Don't dare leave without an "italian ice" they are sooooooooo good.... the hard part is picking a flavor! See you at Marco Polo'sMobile review
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Diner Review • Jan 24, 2013
Amazing!!!! Soooo delicious. I had heard Soo much about it and am totally excited that I finally got to try it.

This place is awesome!!  Food is great and the service was awesome!  They have always been open when I go during there hours and always had what I wanted.   Owners are super nice.  Great food place

This place is FANTASTIC!!  We have eaten at almost ALL the restaurants in town except this one.  Boy are we glad we did!!  The sandwiches were the BEST I had put in my mouth.  We had the Real Philly Cheesesteak and the Chicken Caprese...both were DELISH!!!  This place is a MUST!!  It's on business 35 across the street from the Wash Tub car wash.  You will not regret it!!!

The Best Sandwiches in New Braunfels
[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed August 22, 2012 via mobile

Wow, what a huge surprise. Awesome tasting sandwiches that seriously kick the competitions butt! We had the Philly Cheesesteak and the Chicken Caprese panini. Huge menu to choose from!
[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed August 3, 2012 via mobile

"Been all over the country. This could be the best sandwich I've ever had."
They have just recently re-opened and have made one of the best sandwiches ever. I got a Philly steak sandwich and between the tenderness of the beef and the hearty roll they put it on I was in love. Plus they have a sauce that goes with the sub sandwich that just enhances the flavor. I think I could eat the sauce by itself. My wife got a turkey sandwich and absolutely loved it. The owner is a classically trained chef. Just awesome, I want another.

The Best Ice You will Ever eat !!
The Italian Ice at Marco Polo's is amazing! It is like velvet on your tongue...All of the flavors are fantastic and there are many to choose from. It has ruined the plain ole snow cone forever! Nothing but Marco Polos Italian Ice for me and my family !!! Also, I find the staff to be very friendly and courteous! If I had one complaint, its the fact that they aren't open 24 hours a day... 

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